Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More on Mr. Smeag

Dear Mom,

After my daughter leaves here with her two dogs, I have to go find Mr. Smeagol. He’s a true scaredy-cat and hides under the bed while the dogs are here. The next day he is exhausted from all the anxiety he’s dealt with.

Naturally, I had to snap a few pictures. He’s cutest when he sleeps. I just wish he’d do more sleeping when I’m sleeping rather than pulling my hair to get me up or howling like a wolf. Really he does howl.

I took this picture to capture the shadow of his ear, but if you just look at the sunny part, like you would with one of those hidden pictures in a picture—the button on the bench Smeagol is sleeping on looks like an eye to a fish’s head with its mouth opened like it’s going to get ready to eat Smeagol’s head. I think it’s rather unique—a fish getting ready to nab a cat.

If Smeagol could see this, I wonder whether he’d run like he does when he hears the dogs coming in.


  1. I spotted the fish head right away. What a great picture -- and Smeagol is adorable!


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