Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #11

It’s Book Blurb Friday #11. Hosted by the Lisa of Writing in the Buff. Head to Lisa Ricard Claro’s blog for BBF directions. Write a book blurb jacket in 150 words based on the photo. Yours truly (that'd be me) provided this photo.

My attempt in 83 words.

Grandpa Obie

What Obermoeller didn’t know when she found her grandpa’s old Model T was the skeletons that were inside. Were they Grandpa Obie’s? But who was the other skeleton? Grandma said he left one morning alone and never returned. Was Grandpa Obie having an affair and ran off with his love? Or was there truth to the gossip she overhead in town about Grandpa dealing with some shady people? Will Obermoeller find the truth about her Grandpa or was the evidence too far gone?

(Okay, this sounds hokey and I have no idea if this is a Model T - he he he, I don't know anything about cars! It's been a crazy week and maybe I'll do better next time! It's all for the fun of it, right? Oh, and I'll get around to reading everyone's blurb, but I may not get to it until Monday - that crazy week is for this weekend!)


  1. Obermoeller's always up to something...and Grandpa Obie...okay, that's priceless. I love reading your blurbs. You never disappoint me. I didn't know what kind of vehicle it is either. I fudged. :)

  2. Lynn,
    It's all for fun and made up stuff about a given picture! I love that Grandma Obie was able to answer at least one question - that he left one morning and never returned!


  3. I think it's a Chevrolet. Other than the bumper, compare the body style to this:

    I like the story idea, though. I'd like to read how it ends.

  4. People love hokey. They just don't admit it.
    Good stuff. I like it. And definitely not too many words!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Missing bones times two makes it even more worthwhile to uncover the truth. Nice one!

  6. Hi Lynn!

    Thanks for the cool picture and the intriguing story. Where was that car parked, that nobody found the bones for so long? I kept thinking about Kevin Costner finding the postman when you brought up the two sets of skeletons. Keep writing it, I want to find out how it ends!


  7. You wove mystery and intrigue and made me want to read more. Did you actually photograph this car?

  8. The things genealogy uncovers, my, my! How creepy, finding bones . . .

  9. Sounds like this story has a lot of possible twists...will be a good read!

  10. Oh who cares about the make ... I went ahead and made it a tow truck!!! I love the whole two skeletons in the car storyline. Sounds like Grandpa Obie had some secrets there.

  11. That IS funny that our blurbs had such similar plots! Great minds, you know.... And I love "Grandpa Obie!"

  12. I like it, Lynn! And of course the old car photo is a real treasure!


  13. Grandpa Obie, what were you up to? Hehe - maybe Grandma knew, after all.

    Fab pic, by the way!

  14. I love the blurb Lynn, so many possibilities in it! I really would like to see how it all ends... I also loveeee the photo although I didn't write a blurb this week. I have a lot of blogreading catching up to do and I got so many ideas for blogposts but I don't think I'll get to them all. Hope you're having a great and not too crazy weekend!


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