Friday, May 6, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have a lot of blogger friends—well I hope they all consider me a friend like I consider them as friends. Some I’ve known before blogland and know in person. Others I’ve met through blogging.

Dianna of Write in the Midwest
I met through St. Louis Writers Guild. She’s as sweet as they come. She awarded me with—we had our pick: The Versatile Blogger or the Stylish Blogger. I think I’m more versatile as I’m definitely not stylish. Just ask my girls.

I’ve been putting off this award, not really knowing what seven things I should share. I’ve done a few of these before, but then I saw Becky’s list of seven and I decided to copy her idea of having a “theme” and that is music.

So here are 7 things about me that are related to music in some way:

1) Ever since I was little I wanted to play the piano and the drums.

2) After my mom died, either the day I found out or the day of the funeral, I went into the spare bedroom where there was a small organ that my Uncle Harold and Aunt Mary gave to my little sister and me, and I played “Onward Christian Soldier” over and over and over. I can’t believe no one told me STOP ALREADY! If I hear that song, I’m immediately taken back to that moment.

3) I had a slumber party at my house with my friends, Laurie, Lisa, Mary and Susan. I think we were in 7th grade. My sister Sue and brother-in-law Frank were living in our house while their house was being built. The five of us girls practiced and sang Downtown. We stood in front of the dresser mirror in my bedroom, from shortest to tallest. I was in the front. (I’m still in the front.) Our arms would sway from front to back on cue with the word downtown. We performed for Sue and Frank and we all thought we were something. Okay, I thought I was something, but I'm pretty sure they all did too.

4) I always wanted to sing in school, but the nun who taught music clearly saw there wasn't any talent. I’m pretty sure she told me to just mouth the words. That's all I remember doing.

5) Again, after my mom passed, we had the opportunity to get a piano from my brother’s wife at the time. My dad said no. I was crushed and resented him for the longest time after that, but I began to see how unrealistic it was—we were moving into my stepmother’s house. I was clueless as to what it takes to move pianos.

6) I really have no rhythm, can’t hear notes and it’s just not in me music wise. The only way I would dance is if I was liquored up. Since I don’t drink any longer—clean and sober for around 20 years thank you very much, it takes a lot of courage for me to get up and shake my booty. I have such anxiety and feel so self-conscious that I could throw up. I’ll slow dance with my husband. Once he tricked me and said, “Come on, it’s a slow song.” I got up to dance. I can never remember songs. This one turned from slow to fast and there I was… I seriously wanted to clobber him.

7) When I got together with my current husband, a baby grand sat in his house. For years I wouldn’t even touch it. Here it was all mine to play and I ignored it as if it were diseased. One day I got brave and decided to take lessons. Much to my surprise and with practice, I understood what the notes were on the sheet music and how they related to the keys on the piano.

8) Yeah, this is eight, but I have to say that my stepson tried to teach me how to play the drums. I had no idea how hard that could be… and so I tried the two things that I thought I always wanted to play, but really, I think I’ll stick with writing.

9) Oh my gosh, enough already, someone stop me. It’s like I’m playing Onward Christian Soldier. I just have one more music thing to share. After I divorced husband number two, there was a country and western song that played in my head. I could hear the words and melody and thought it was the weirdest thing. I had a recorder and sang into it (remember, I can't sing--the nun), then wrote down the words. I had no idea what notes were, so nothing there. I made the mistake of letting my kids hear it. Every now and then they’ll remember and belt out the tune especially when I’m sad. They crack up laughing. It does get me to laugh too, but my song isn’t all that funny. My singing, yes. Oh. Wait. Maybe that’s what they’re teasing me about.

If you got through this, I'm suppose to award others. I think all my blogger friends have been awarded, but if you haven't, you're awarded, okay? Let's hear your music truths if you can't think of seven random truths.

Thanks Dianna for being so patient with me to accept my award. I appreciate it. And thanks Becky for the idea!


  1. Wow -- Lynn, I know this was a chore! Thanks for posting so many "musical" details. We have more in common than you know!

  2. Hey Lynne! I'm honored that you wanted to continue on with my musical theme! And I would've never guessed these things about you, either! I can't believe it's all THAT bad. You know how "mean" some of those nuns could be! :)
    (PS e-mail me the name of that country song!)

  3. You are so refreshingly honest and fun. Sing to your heart's content.

  4. Loved your musical truths! I think most of us have a secret (or not so secret) dream to play an instrument or sing like a rock star. Sigh...


  5. Thanks for sharing so openly! It is fun to learn more about you and what makes you tick.

    I share your dance problem. . .as in, I don't. . .and if I did, someone would start a petition to make me stop. I WISH I could dance, though. *sigh*

  6. Anonymous - who are you so that I'll know who I'm in common with!
    Becky - I emailed you, but it's not a real country song, it's one that was in my head that has never been sung in the physical world.
    Linda - thank you. I sing when I'm alone :-)
    Pat - thank you and yes, I believe you're correct.
    Lisa - I just recalled one time I did dance (without the aide of alcohol. My sister, brother-in-law and I surprised my other sister with a bday party. I think the stress of six months of planning all came out on the dance floor because I was just shaking my booty like I knew what I was doing and didn't really care.

  7. Wow. I loved the music theme running through this post. Thanks for sharing all these things about yourself.

    I have a guitar that I've never learnt to play. I only keep it because my natural father plays and one day I'll attempt to see if the guitat-playing gene was passed on.

    Ellie Garratt

  8. Hi Lynn,

    You are so sweet. Man, that stepmother ... moldy food and nixing the piano (I'm sure our dad would have let you otherwise, sweetie).

    I can't play and I can't sing ... I like to dance but only fast songs (unless it is just swaying with my hubby). I will sing karoke sometimes, when I'm a little liqured up; but songs that I know by heart and that were made famous by guys like Jimmy Buffett. I figure, what the heck, nobody's paying me and I'm better than a few of the others.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and Happy Mother's Day. Good for you about the piano and drums and songwriting (I wrote one once ... called, Hey Davy who are You? about one guy when I was inbetween husbands.)

    Heart Three,

    Kathy M.

  9. Thanks Ellie - and pick up that guitar and play!
    Kathy - just to clear the air, it wasn't my stepmother who said no to the piano, it was my dad. And you're braver than I am with doing Karoke!

  10. Oh, Lynn, this is so funny and sweet! And by the way, I don't dance in public, either--sober or not!

  11. My favorite musical memory was when my dad heard brother Bob sing in his band the Crescendos in the 60's. He told Bob. "You know there was a time that I wish I could sing. Now I wish you could." Dad was joking, Bob made much more money in his music career than I'll ever make in mine. Loved ou thoughts on playing the piano kiddo!!!


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