Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My friend Geoffrey

Dear Mom,

I'm so relieved, my friend Geoffrey is alive and well. Turns out that he climbed into his bathtub during the tornado. I hope I have all these facts straight. A 2x4 apparently fell over on him, then the wall--but that protected him from debris. When it was over, he pushed the wood aside and he got out of the tub. He then sat on the curb of the street when a lady drove by and asked if he wanted to come with her... and so he did. That'd be like Geoffrey, just going with anyone. Everyone loves Geoff. Complete strangers. He stayed with her in another area, which is why no one could locate him.


Just wanted you to know. And I'm sending Geoff love. Anyone who'd like to donate funds to my friend who lost everything--home and business as he worked out of his home--there will be a fund set up for donations. When I get that information, I'll let you know.

Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and love.


  1. That is indeed good news! I'm so glad your friend is alive and well!

  2. Good news at last. Thanks for updating us on your friend.

  3. The Nichols family of Carthage Mo. is looking for Dr. Geoffrey Hilton. He has been a friend of our family for many years. If you are in contact with him please have him call Bert or Rhonie at 417-358-4109 or 417-358-9655. Thank you so much for posting this information.

  4. Hi Nichols family - I will pass your message on and let Geoff know.


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