Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi Everyone,

As you know my friend Geoffrey had been missing for several days after the tornado hit and destroyed his home and business. But he made it! YAY for Geoff. I know Geoff is going to have story after story of miracles that occurred.

Some of you know Geoff and he's a sweetheart and well I could go on and on and gush about him because I love him so much.

Another friend of his - the one who actually saw him and told us all he was alive is going to be setting up an account in Geoff's behalf. I know these are hard economic times, but if you have even a dollar to spare, it would be so appreciated. I don't have any info yet, but those who know me can send it to me and I'll make sure it gets there.

If I know Geoff like I feel like I do, I know that he will feel awkward knowing people are giving him money. But I also know Geoff would be the first person to give and would give the last dime he had. And I also know that Geoff will be the most grateful of all.

Geoffrey - sending my love.

Thank you everyone!


  1. Hi Lynn! Thank you for the update - we are volunteering with Red Cross. Is it possible to have Geoff register with ? We have had many questions with regard to him. Thank you for putting this information out there for us!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Joplin Volunteer - I passed on the information for the person who was able to see Geoff to see if they could get a message to him to go to that safeandwell site. I don't know if he has any kind of access to internet/phone, so... but I've passed the info along. Thank you for all you are doing!xxo

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I am Geoff's nephew from New Zealand, John McKay. I am the son of his elder sister, Lesley. When we all heard of the tornado in Joplin, the family over here immediately thought of Uncle Geoff. Baden Hilton, Peter's (Geoff's brother) son was magnificent in getting information to all the family members. I know we are far away but our thoughts are with Geoff and he seems to have had a remarkable escape.Where is Geoff now and how is he doing? best John

  4. Hi John, I'm going to try and figure out where I can email or send you a message privately. But I spoke with your Uncle Geoff a few hours ago and he sounded great. He's in a town called Carl Junction, Missouri. As you can imagine, he's had quite an experience. When I get a number or address I'll pass it on to you. Blessings, Lynn

  5. Thank you Lynn, Baden has a number for Geoff and has been in contact. Baden asked Geoff how he survived and he said because he's a kiwi. A bot of downunder spirit I thought. Thanks for everything you are doing for my Uncle. regards John

  6. Hi John,
    I did talk to Geoff and told him that you all were asking about him, and he said that he had talked to Baden and hoped Baden passed the word along. I hope to do more for your Uncle. He's such a sweetheart and well, he has a TON of friends here and we all feel like your Uncle Geoff is our family too! We'll take good care of him!


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