Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 14, Another Birthday, Storm Country Success

Another birthday - Happy Birthday to my older sister, Suzanne! I sang Happy Birthday to her first thing this morning. I'm sure that just made her day. She did giggle though so maybe I didn't sound too bad. The giggle sounded like a sincere sweet giggle, not a oh-my-god-you-really-can't-sing-giggle. Because, really, I can't sing.

Storm Country's release and launch party that I've been advertising on this blog happened last night. I felt it was a huge success. (Thank you Linda for keeping me calm.) I didn't fumble and get all tongue-tied while reading my piece or so I was told. I'm pretty sure I was out of my body during the entire-however-many-minutes I stood up there because I can only recall one word, "Geoffrey!" when I screeched in a fairly high voice as I read the part when I did exactly that when Geoffrey phoned me (after the tornado and he finally contacted me).

So I would like to give my sincere thanks for everyone's support who either purchased a book, came to the event, helped me in some way with a pat on the back--it all means a lot, and like Geoffrey said, "I'm so blessed."

Truly, I am.

And if you're interested in purchasing a book for $10 (all proceeds go to Joplin School District libraries), they're still available.

And now the dreaded news Sioux, my daily word count for NaNoWriMo: 2,118. That brings my total to 30,758 and if my math is any good, that leaves me with 19,242 words. Really? I think I might make it. I have to laugh because when I thought about a new part to write, I couldn't remember if I had written that already. Good grief, my entire story could be nothing but me repeating myself... see Sioux, menopause has its benefits.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    It was great to see you last night. You did a wonderful job reading "Geoffrey."

  2. Ahh, Geoffrey almost made me cry. Your reading was so effective, evoking all sorts of emotions. You did great!

  3. Donna - it was nice seeing you too and I wished you had read your entire story because it's so good! And thank you!
    Linda - thank you!

  4. So sorry I missed it!!! But happy birthday to Suzanne. And your last line is priceless!

  5. Way to go, Lynn! Wish I could have been there last night. Congrats on how well your NaNo is going.

  6. You started by birthday off just right with your Happy Birthday song - and, yes, I did enjoy it thoroughly!

    Word on the street was you made quite an impression with your reading and I regret I didn't get to attend.

    I am proud of you, sister!


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