Sunday, November 13, 2011


Just a little break today, so you should check out Becky Povich's blog. She always has some cool quotes and so it's fitting that she should talk about another blog that's all about quotes. I'm spending more time on blogs right now when I should be NaNoWriMo-ing. Ack.

But I really liked this quote:

"You never get people's fuller attention than when you're listening to them."
Robert Brault.

Okay, now on to NaNo!


  1. Ah, thanks, Lynn! And you deserve a little break from Nano every now and then...or IT will break YOU! :o

    I knew you'd like Robert's quotes, too!

  2. No! Go back to Becky's blog. Linger there a while. Stay all day. You'll enjoy it.

    NaNo can wait until tomorrow. Or the next day. Or even next week.

  3. Becky--have to keep the flow going with NaNo
    Sioux--LOL, I only wrote a little today.

  4. Lynn, thanks for taking a moment out for this old fellow. Much appreciated. Smiles, rb.


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