Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 19 and Art Attack

I must have done a little too much hooping and hollering at last night's Art Attack 3 (see yesterday's post) event applauding for my daughters' friend Carrie and her piece of art work, which by the way--the event needs to have their applause meter fixed. I'm not just saying this because of Carrie. It happened with other paintings too. The one's that got cheered the loudest sometimes didn't make it.

However, it goes to show how karma works--Carrie's piece didn't make the round even though her applaud/cheering was loudest. Carrie's piece was then auctioned off and the high bidder of $450 went home with her painting. The person/painting Carrie competed against made it to the third round, however, when it went for bid (and there were minimums to keep it from being destroyed) it didn't make it. The "Missouri Chainsaw Massacre Man" sawed it in pieces. And not that I wanted to see anyone's work demolished, but I found this interesting.

So Carrie's piece tied as the highest bidding piece--even the winning piece didn't hit the highest bid. Bravo to all the artists and especially Carrie!

No NaNoWriMo today--feeling a little under the weather and the need to rest. There is that whole Thanksgiving thing coming up.


  1. What a shame! No NaNo for you today. I'm playing a sad song on the world's smallest violin for you...Can you hear it?

  2. What? They destroyed the artwork with a chainsaw? Man, I would never enter my art into that contest, it would be the first to be cut up.

    Congrats on how well you are doing on your book, Lynn!

  3. LOL Sioux, I know just the instrument as my husband plays it for me all the time :-)
    Yes Kathy, they destroyed the art if no one bid on it--guess that was the idea that people wouldn't want their piece destroyed. But just a few didn't make it.


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