Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Birthday!

Happy Birthday Steven!  I don’t know your age anymore (although I think your mom said you’re 37), but I do remember when I watched you when you were pretty little and I made spaghetti. You wanted to know what “kind” it was. I was confused and said, “It’s spaghetti sauce.”
“I know, but what kind is it?”
It then dawned on me, oh, like what brand. I told you, “I made it myself… from scratch.” You were totally amazed that the sauce didn’t come from a jar!  Ha.

food for thought: appreciate home cooked meals


  1. Homemade sauce is SO much better...but those jars and cans can be SO convenient. Have a good weekend, Lynn.

  2. I'd love to taste your homemade sauce, Lynn. Bet it's scrumptious!

    Critter Alley

  3. Catching up on your blog posts and really enjoying your drawings.

  4. Now I want some homemade sauce. Made in somebody else's home, and brought to mine!

  5. Bookie, I've been known to use the jar myself :-)
    Pat, would love to have you and other writer friends over some time!
    Linda, thanks.
    Val, I'd like someone else's homemade sauce too!


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