Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Happening?

Since I've attended Ring in Spring, I'm waking up earlier as I'm excited to draw/sketch/doodle in my journal. Okay, maybe not that much earlier.

I've always journaled every day... well just about every day, for the past 20+ years. Sometimes a day is missed. I start out writing my dreams. Then I write a spiritual exercise. Then I free-write. A lot of time that free write is me whining about something. I shudder to think of anyone reading my journal because on a bad day, I'm not so nice... but it does help to get it out so that I don't take that not-so-niceness out into the world. Or so is my excuse. However, I am responsible for my thoughts since thoughts create, so I want to create more niceness.

Now if I understand this right, when I'm sketching/doodling/drawing, a different part of my brain is taking over and it becomes contemplative. I'm looking forward to see how my journals are going to turn out... I think they will be nicer. It's also going to be different for me not to babble on and on as much, but allow some time to be more artistic and FUN with my journaling.

food for thought:  A dear friend gave me this magnet that reads:


  1. Interesting idea. Unfortunately, my artistic skills are so limited that my doodling rarely amounts to more than boxes and daisies.

  2. Lynn--I am fascinated by the idea that sketching/drawing opens up different avenues of creativity.

    You will become such a journal expert, you'll be able to take your show on road...

  3. Many of us don't journal. It would be interesting to hear your tips on keeping up with the discipline of daily journaling.

    Critter Alley

  4. Glad your creativity got a shot in the arm so to speak!!!

  5. Marty, thanks for stopping by.
    Sioux, I'm hardly an expert, but how fun would that be to take a show on the road?
    Pat, that could be a good topic for a blog post - thanks.
    Bookie, thanks!


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