Thursday, April 3, 2014

Birthday Time

Decided since it’s my middle daughter, Jessica’s birthday, I’d make her a cake. Make, not bake. Pie is what I baked!

This is a different kind of cake. It also fits in with my sketch a day from Ring in Spring. As you can see, I wasn’t sure how much room to leave for the candles and well, ended up with some extra space. I looked at it as a kind of metaphor for having room to grow. You can figure out how old Jessica is today by counting the candles.

Jessica, here’s a little sketch of your baby, Kitty.

food for thought: We all grow, every year… every moment, really.

Happy Birthday Jessica!


  1. Lynn--Did I count correctly? 29? Wow. Please tell her "Happy Birthday," for me, and I'm so glad you get to celebrate before she heads off to a different continent.

  2. Kitty wants some cake. It's so festive.

  3. Sioux, yes, you counted correctly. 29. Wow is right.
    Val, Kitty isn't much for sweets, but she might even like this cake!


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