Friday, April 4, 2014

Mmmmm, Butter

Hope you can read what’s on the drawing…

food for thought: What happens when you think you get away with something?

And for those who can’t read it:

My little sister Ruth told me a funny story about one of her dogs, Bella – still a puppy. When Ruth came down from being upstairs, she noticed the butterdish on the kitchen table was spotless and wondered how it got so clean, and then saw Bella licking her lips and put two and two together, that Bella got up and ate the whole stick of butter. When I was on the phone with her, Bella was trying to get on the table. “Bella, there’s no butter up here, get down.”


  1. Lynn-There was once a sitcom episode about a B&B--a weird one that was full of cats roaming around everywhere. A cat was on top of a buffet, licking the stick of butter, and then the owners encouraged their guests to get butter for their rolls. It was hilarious. (The male owner was also defrosting a turkey while he took a bath.)

    Yes, with dogs, no clean up is needed...

  2. Our new dog is crashing things in the house when she gets excited. She LEAPS like a rabbit only in four foot high bounds! So far no butter licks so I hope she doesn't read your blog! (Oh, yes, I think she is smart enough to read excpet where the word NO is!~)

  3. Sioux, we keep our butter dish out, but covered for that very reason, no cat licking in our house!
    Bookie, sounds like your new pooch could certainly go for some butter.


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