Friday, May 16, 2014


I had to get out my copy of The Synonym Finder book (1978) by J.I. Rodale Rodale Press, Inc.,
 because as I was reading this old thesaurus, and in the different meanings for copy there was: revise, revision, rewrite, rewriting, rescript and I was thinking because that had to do with printing.

In The Synonym Finder for copy: imitation, reproduction, replica, ectype, transcript, apograph, replication, duplication; duplicate, carbon, facsimile, carbon copy… reproduce, duplicate, replicate, transcribe, rewrite, plagiarize.

  food for thought: Is there anyone you want to copy?


  1. Lynn--I can't think of anyone I want to copy. There are characteristics of others I'd love to have...body/facial features of other people I'd love to have for myself...but other than that, no. There's no one person I want to copy.

  2. I'm not falling for that trick. Copying is against the rules!

  3. I love that book. I have it on my shelf within easy reach always...


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