Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walk to End Lupus

My cousin has Lupus. I was going to walk on Saturday, May 3, for this event, but hubby forgot to tell me about another event we had going on, so I had to cancel. However, I did contribute. Maybe you can too, or maybe you’ll want to walk to end Lupus.

What is Lupus?  And if you donate, be sure and hit my cousin’s sister’s site right here.

food for thought: It’s hard to donate to all the organizations that I’m passionate about… so I do what I can, when I can. What organization are you the most passionate about?

P.S. This is my one month anniversary in drawing every day. In case you missed what I’m doing, check out Ring in Spring blog and then the Thesaurus blog.


  1. You're right, there are so many excellent organizations out there. I think we all just do what we can.

    I scrolled back on your picture a day efforts and continue to be impressed. Way to go, Lynn!

    Critter Alley

  2. So many bad things in this many things and ways to help....just can't cover them all!

  3. My favorite charity for money donations is St. Judes, and for local donations (clothing, household items) I choose the American Kidney Fund and Hope House (which is for abused moms and kids).


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