Monday, May 12, 2014


The dissimilarity between my little sister and myself—now—would be our hair… maybe. Perhaps if I didn’t dye mine, they would be similar.

food for thought: Do you admit that you dye your hair?

P.S. It’s been over a month since I began using the thesaurus to learn new words and to draw something pertaining to the words… check out the blog where I first started this.


  1. Yes, I freely admit it because I have to. When I "dip," it is so obvious because it has radically changed color--sometimes it's more magenta, sometimes it's strawberry blonde, sometimes it's a dark auburn because I use a different box each time. I have to laugh at myself, so I have to admit it.

  2. Of course I admit it. The students think that makes me cool. I mean, whatever word they use for "cool" these days. All I know it that the word is not redonkulous. I'm not allowed to say that in the presence of my boys. They forbade it years ago. Anyway...the students think I color my hair to be a different color, like from auburn to brown. They seem to have no idea it's to cover GRAY! And when they guess my age, which I never admit to, some have been over ten year off. The GOOD way.

  3. Do I color? Yeah, baby! I haven't seen my natural shade in 10 years. My guess is that it's trending toward battleship gray, so I may never see it. lol I keep telling my husband that, eventually, he will be married to a blonde!


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