Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Oh Deer

Dear Mom,

Smeagol, our cat stood at the door doing his chattering thing which caused me to look up and there stood a deer drinking from our pond. I figured by the time I grabbed the camera to take a picture, it’d leap into the woods. I carefully inched my way to the door tiptoeing being as quiet as I could. You wouldn’t believe how well those deer can hear you even with the windows and doors closed. I aimed through the glass and snapped the first picture. The deer immediately turned around and stared at me. I stood like a statue just like the deer. We watched each other motionless. I worried if I took another picture he’d dart off, but I decided to snap a shot anyway knowing the deer wasn’t going to stand around in the garden all day. I slowly lifted the camera lens to my eye and clicked the button. The deer still didn’t move. His one ear stood up cocked and he continued to stare. Then I guess he figured he’d better get the heck out of dodge so he trampled over my flowers and headed toward the woods.

I don’t mind that the wild animals eat and drink from our yard and feel rather fortunate that we offer them a place of some peace.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, and you are so kind and generous with the critters.

  2. Our neighborhood is smack in the middle of urban sprawl, but a few pieces of property have several acres where deer still live. It is a surprise to catch them standing in someone's yard, but they are so graceful and beautiful.

    My husband knows a man (not in our neighborhood) who shoots the deer that wander onto his property because he figures it is no different than going hunting. The only way I could ever shoot a deer is the way you did...with a camera!


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