Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dear Mom,

Here’s something you missed. Something I wished I could have asked your advice on, although there are many moments like that in my life.

After my second divorce, I received a call from my OB-GYN. He had since retired, so I was taken by surprise when he called. I loved him. Not in the romantic way, but in a fatherly way. He delivered all three of my children. Joe, the children’s dad questioned the doctor whether I was really in pain during labor. Dr. M said, “Well, it’s like this. Imagine putting your balls into a vice grip and you keep on cranking it.” Dr. M was my hero.

Dr. M had a son who’d recently divorced. He remembered I had gone through a divorce too and “Oh my son would be livid if he knew what his ole dad was up to, but I just thought if you weren’t involved with anyone….” A whirlwind ran through my mind realizing the significance of the moment regardless of my answer. The outcome of my life would change in ways I wouldn’t be able to imagine. I told him how sweet it was to be thought of, but I was engaged.

I hung up the phone with heaviness in my heart. I wondered whether I had made the right decision.


  1. Dr. M sure knew how to answer a question! I hope your new doc is someone you can appreciate, as well, although Dr. M would be hard to replace.

  2. Wow! Somehow it seems hard to imagine the idea of an OB-GYN wanting to turn into a B.O.Y. FRIEND. H'mmmm.

  3. Wooo-weee...Are we in the Twilight Zone here?! I just love your letters, Lynn!! I truly do!

  4. Pat - OMG it wasn't the OB-GYN who wanted to be a boyfriend - he was calling for his SON, although his son had no idea that his dad was doing that - I guess I didn't make that clear. Ooops.
    Lisa - yes, Dr. M has since passed away and haven't found an OB-GYN better.
    Becky - sometimes I feel like my life was in the Twilight Zone!


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