Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr. Groundhog

Dear Mom,

Saw Mr. Groundhog the other day. I just love seeing all the different critters that come and go in our yard. I’m sure I miss half of what is out there. This groundhog must live under the deck. He comes out, makes his way down the path and heads toward the other side of the house. I don’t know where he ends up or why he heads in the same direction each time. Maybe he’s searching for food.

I thought the raccoons were the ones eating our Koi fish in the upper pond, but now I’m wondering if it’s the groundhog. This is the second year that the huge fish have disappeared. Because they are expensive, we’ve decided not to keep spending big bucks just so some wild animal can have a nice meal.

One time Norm and I thought it’d be fun to feed the baby raccoons. You know babies—they’re so cute. But when they got big and started scratching at the back door for a handout we realized we had made a mistake.

Whether it’s the raccoons or the groundhog eating the fish, they’ll soon find out their meal ticket is gone—time to be responsible for yourself and get your own food.


  1. Cool! I've actually never seen a groundhog up close. The critter causing us the most trouble is a squirrel I named Albert Einsquirrel. He's brilliant at finding ways to get into the bird feeder. I blogged about him last year. Will have to post the new pics from last month of him sitting in the bird feeder under the baffle that was intended to keep him out!

  2. Ha, that's funny Lisa... can't wait to see the picture.


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