Saturday, May 22, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dear Mom,

I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies while I was still on my cleanse. Not sure why I’m into self-torture. I didn’t even lick my fingers, although I’m not a fan of raw cookie dough, so that part wasn’t that difficult to resist. Just smelling the aroma made me want to pop them in my mouth. I could hear them sizzle while they burned my tongue and I wouldn’t have cared. But I was good. Ate some zucchini. That soup. Oh boy.

I made the cookies special for someone and doubled the batch to also have some for Norm, Mr. Sweet Tooth. I don’t think my sweet tooth is as bad as his, but he never gains weight and always has an abundance of energy. I don’t get it. Mr. Sweet Tooth is older than I am by ten years, but he’ll probably out live me because of the added sugar—he calls it his body’s preservatives.

Anyway as I mixed the batter, I added extra love. The person getting the cookies can surely use it. The extra love won’t hurt the hubby either. Probably need to throw in a little extra love for myself too! And always love to you.


  1. My kids always tell me things taste better when I cook them because I put love in. I figure it is really just because they don't like to cook! That's okay. I figure a little love anywhere we can find it is a good thing.

  2. Lisa, when my son was in town he had a friend with him and I just whipped up some dish. The friend said, "What did you do to this rice?" I told him, "Nothing." He then says, "No, really, it's really good, you had to. I never had rice like this." I seriously did nothing to it. And my son chimed in, "Ian, don't you know, my mom puts love in her cooking, that's what it is." I definitely thinks there's truth to doing things with love.

  3. Everything tastes better with a little love added in!



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