Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Momma’s Day Photo

Dear Mom,

Thought you’d like to see your granddaughters on Mother’s Day. I asked Norm to take a good picture of us. As a photographer he said it was good. If you remove me and although not the worst picture I’ve ever taken, how could I look anything but old and pale sitting next to some gorgeous girls. How cool it would have been to have you in there as well. I love photos of people where there are three and four generations.

We spent a lazy time together later in the day. One had to work and one has a bum leg and it would have been fine for them not to come over. We see each other a lot, but they wouldn’t hear of it. I told them no presents. Seriously, I need nor want anything. Okay, maybe some energy. A few less pounds, few less wrinkles. But even at that, I’m okay.

They still don’t listen and brought me some goodies. Rita made some homemade, quite delicious, cupcakes with her own creation of strawberry glaze made with real strawberries. Jessica picked up some candy from Crown Candy. When she handed me the box she said, “I know you said no presents, but I had to get this… umm… I know you’re watching what you eat, but….” And I knew there was some yummy treat inside. Most of which I ate already. I’m watching it alright—going right into my mouth!

My girls are sweeter than the treats they gave me.


  1. The candy looks yummy -- are you sharing?

  2. I'm sharing, but you better come quick!


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