Sunday, May 9, 2010

Honoring Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

If you were alive, I’d make you breakfast, lunch or dinner—or all three, along with your favorite dessert. Although I don’t know what that is. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with my homemade cherry pie—and not the canned cherry pie filling kind—but real red tart cherries. Maybe I’d create you a poem that would go something like this…

For All That You Have Done

Knee pressed pedal, makes the black Singer hum
Sewing flowered dress, for the little one
Ringer washer rumbles, churning the clothes
Squeezing through rollers, water drains from hose

Hauling laundry out, drying on the line
Ironing out the wrinkles, all pressed just fine
Preparing dinner, for everyone to eat
Still not a break, to rest your weary feet

Helping kids with homework, bath, and to bed
There’s this and there’s that, no time to be read
More dishes to wash, and counters to clean
And not to mention, all the things unseen

So thank you Mom, for all that you have done
Despite your short time, I’m the lucky one.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Oh, Lynn, this is such a heartfelt and beautiful poem. You brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Lynn, how sweet! I can picture it all! I just know your mom is seeing everything!

  3. Okay, so I'm all about the food. I want some of that pie!

    Lovely poem - reminded me of my beloved grandma who ironed everything, including underwear and sheets!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Thanks Linda, Becky and Lisa - and hope you all had a great Mother's Day!

  5. that was very cute mum.. i almost wrote you a poem but thought i would save you the trouble of my bad poetry


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