Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Disorganized Past Life

Dear Mom,

I’m trying to get more organized. My husband says I’m the most disorganized organized person he’s met. Disorganized organized? I get it, but it probably doesn’t make sense.

I knew I had kept this Indian doll and a handmitten powderpuff—both came from your firstborn Suzanne. Sue, as I called her then (and still do) back from a trip to Arizona brought me the Indian doll as a souvenir. I treasured it so much, I wouldn’t play with it and kept it in the plastic bag. Through the years her neck got broke causing her head to dislodge but she stayed hidden inside the bag in a box. When I pulled her out the other day—some 40 years later—I managed to put her head back on but noticed her right ankle was a bit crushed. I wondered at my protection of this doll and why I found her so precious, wanting to keep her safe. I speculate I may have been Native American in another life. I’ve had neck issues, and recently my right ankle has given me trouble. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think we carry things with us from one life to another working them out as we go along.

As far as getting organized, I keep finding stuff causing me to be more disorganized. Yep, disorganized organized.


  1. HI Lynn,
    I'm with you; no coincidences. These are real treasures. I have an Indian doll about ten inches tall with a celluloid face. She's over 60 years old; her body is muslin stuffed with straw it appears, and she's wrapped in an Indian blanket. Her legs and feet are actually wooden sticks but her mocassins are missing, looks like they've been peeled off. Who knows? Maybe I did it.

  2. There are so many coincidences in life that they cannot all be, er, coincidences. I'm with you guys on that one. I still have a teddy bear I got for Christmas on my 9th birthday. He represents so many different things. . .I will never be rid of him. He is part of the fabric that is me!

  3. It's another one of those do-do-do-do; do-do-do-do (sing along to Twilight Zone music) moments!


  4. Linda, you'll need to post a picture of your Indian doll and Lisa, you'll need to post a picture of your teddy bear. I'd love to see both!

  5. You are probably right about the past life thing ... too much to be a coincidence. Have you ever visited the Southwest where the doll came from? It might be interesting to check it out.


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