Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catnip Mouse Toys

Dear Mom,

Prior to Christmas when my list was a mile long and I was helping Jessica with her new nonprofit (AlphaWom) fundraiser which was a huge success by the way, I spotted an article in ReadyMade magazine about making a mouse toy filled with catnip for cats. I never think about getting Smeagol something for Christmas but when I saw the article, I decided I would make the little stinker a mouse. And while I was at it, I’d make one for my friend Carole’s two cats Cookie and Amy—and one for Jessica’s cat Kitty. I probably could have made 50 for all the cat lovers I know, but there wasn’t time.

My husband came down while I was sewing. He’s been hearing me whine about all the tings I have to do and how this and that probably won’t get done. “What are you doing?” He had that tone—what is she up to now?

“Making these.” I pointed to the article sitting next to me. I felt like a child getting caught at something.

Of course he rolled this eyes and walked away. As he was leaving I said, “It’s something I really want to do!” I had no idea why I wanted to make cat toys when I hardly had anything else finished on my list—and even scratched some things off the list! But I was happy sewing cat toys.

I took the cat toys over to Cookie and Amy. Much to my surprise they loved them, licked them, cuddled them, tossed them and you could see how happy they were to have them. Cookie and Amy normally stay curled up napping when I’m there. Cookie meanders out and allows me to give her a belly rub. Amy barely wants to be seen but on rare occasions permits me to rub her belly too. But that day I found out they could move!

All the love I put into making the cat toys was absolutely worth it watching how much they loved their catnip mice. There must be something to doing what you want—what’s pulling at your heart to do.

Just look at those little cutie stinkers. Cookie is the mother of Amy. Cookie is in the first picture, Amy in the second. The last picture Amy sits a bit disappointed as Mom took over both toys!


  1. I know why you did it...because you adore your beautiful Smeagol! We bought catnip bubbles for our felines. The bubbles come in a plastic bottle and work just like bubbles for kids, but they are made with catnip oils. Our kitties are curious and interactive with them, but I think they would prefer something solid like your mouse. Guess the pet store will be seeing me soon!

  2. You can't have a better reward than pure, unadulterated happiness from your creation! I love these pictures. They both look like my Yogi.

    Hugs and happy New Year!


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