Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #13

It’s Book Blurb Friday #13. Hosted by the Lisa of Writing in the Buff. Head to Lisa Ricard Claro’s blog for BBF directions. Write a book blurb jacket in 150 words based on the photo provided this week by Kathy Matthews. And as much as I hate to say this, it may be my last BBF for awhile.

84 words.


The isolated area in Matthews State Park was the favorite make out place for young teens. It was secluded and no one bothered you. Unfortunately it was a little too secluded. Obermoeller and her boyfriend Willis doze after a little romp in the back seat. Find out what happens when Obermoeller wakes up to see snow and hears a constant shrill sound. It never snows at Matthews State Park. The sound is deafening. And to add to her troubles, she can’t wake up Willis.


  1. Obermoeller is in a fix now! And after a back seat romp, too, the little hussy. LOL I really am going to miss your blurbs, Lynn. I hope Obermoeller will show up every once in a while just to say hello.

  2. LMOF!!! You know what's funny? We have a state park 5 miles down the road. Don't you dare desert us, Obermoeller; we count on you every Friday.

    Your story is great, Lynn. I has me thinking on what will happen next; hopefully the local sheriff Pete will come by to see what's up and help Ms. O and Willis (great name btw).



  3. Lynn — I understand why you have to pull out of cyberspace for a while. I have a book that needs finishing (the one my blog is named for) and it will never get done as long as I'm playing post-the-picture. So far, however, I haven't got your determination or willpower or whatever it takes to back off blogging.
    Wishing you lots of what-it-takes, but I guess we'll never know what that is that looks like snow at the state park!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Woa-this is great! It truly has the makings for a real page turner...

    I hope you stop back from time to time!

  5. The 'constant shrill sound' is a nightmare, as is the whole premise of this ... hope all is resolved, as well as that you get done what you want to while escaping from BBF

  6. Omg...omg!!! And you're going to leave us hanging here?!!! No!!!

    Whoa, this takes me aback. I wanna turn the pages of this book to be sure.

    Josephine's Door

    Happy Friday!!

  7. Troubles ahead for this young lass - I hope she finds her way out of them.
    Don't stay away too long:-)

  8. What a great blurb for a mystery suspense. I hope that all goes well for you in your time away from us. We will miss your entertaining blurbs but having taken a few weeks out myself, I know how these things go.

    All the best


  9. I'm sorry I laughed, because in my mind that shrill sound was Mother Obermoeller screaming at her daughter. But I would definitely buy the book to find out!

  10. Yikes! Why won't Willis wake up? What is the shrill sound? Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. This one will send a chill up the spine of anyone who ever indulged in a backseat romp.

    Uh, I mean, I imagine it would ...


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