Monday, July 15, 2013

You Can Win a Book!

Of course anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a story published in Well Versed 2013 and this past weekend was the book launch and reading. My story had references of my old grade school and what a surprise when a grade school friend came to the event. It helped that she lives in Columbia! Thanks Debbie - it was nice to see you and it was fun catching up.

For those of you unable to make it, who may live out-of-state or had something else going on, you have a chance to win a copy of Well Versed 2013.

How do you win?  You leave a comment after this blog and read every single blog I ever wrote.  HA. Just kidding. All you have to do is leave a comment or sign up to follow me. If you sign up to get my blog via email, you'll need to let me know as I'll count that too - and I'll add your name to the drawing. In a week, I'll announce who won by randomly drawing a name.

Two of my WWWP buddies, Sioux and Tammy came to the event. Sioux snapped this picture of the four of us from St. Louis who have stories in the book. I snagged it from her site.

From left to right: Donna Volkenannt, Marcia Gaye, me, Sheree Nielsen

Would like to also thank the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers' Guild for hosting the event... especially Linda Fisher, managing editor of Well Versed 2013. Everyone did nice job and everything was lovely!


  1. Lynn--I enjoyed the book launch. I think the other 4 WWWPs should submit for the next anthology that the Columbia chapter publishes. It would be fun to have all 5 of us in one book.

    And thanks for making the trip back with us. We were three "wild and crazy" women...

  2. Lynn, I would like a chance at a book win!

    Also I want you to know I got your letter right before I went out of town. Back today but LOST in stuff around. Want you to know that 1. I appreciate it and 2. I will write you back somehow! Won't say more now...glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Throw my name in the hat! I might be a few blogs shy of reading every one you ever wrote, but I AM a follower. I read about this event as told by Sioux and Donna as well. Sounds like there was a good turnout. Congrats!

  4. Hi, Lynn -- and CONGRATS!

    I'm a fan, so definitely include my name. Lovely book!

    Wish I could've been there for the book launch. Summer's crazy!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for your wonderful company for the book launch. Your touching essay was so moving and one I will long remember.
    I have copies of the anthology, so don't enter my name in the drawing; that way someone else can enjoy the wonderful stories and essays.

  6. Nice picture, Lynn! Looks like you all had a great time.

  7. Put my name in the hat! :) Y'all have too much fun up there. As I told Donna, I want to know what is in the water up there. So many successful authors in one spot! Congrats my friend!

  8. How cool! Looks like the book launch was a great success. I know the book is a winner. The contributing writers are very talented!

    Critter Alley

  9. Hi Lynn

    Include my name. Soon you will be able to do your own book of short stories. I am looking forward to that.


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