Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...

Okay, so I have one picture of my big event. An approved picture that was already on Facebook. I'm waiting to make sure all the other pictures are okay to post, so stay tuned. If you are wondering what this picture is about, read my blog posts: YAY, I Survived and I Will Survive Or Will I?

From left to right: Alice Muschany, Linda O'Connell, Gloria Gaynor, me, Cathi LaMarche
Photo taken by Stephanie Gold

Since you were expecting pictures, pictures, pictures... I'm posting some others...

In mid-August, it was my daughter Rita's birthday. She wanted to have a lunch at a tea house. Here's Rita and her boyfriend Terry. He's a trooper for going!

Terry and Rita

In late August, I went to visit my daughter Jessica in Boston. It was a whirlwind visit and we packed in a lot even though we tried to keep it simple as she had just gotten "doored" on her bike and broke her collar bone.

We started off walking down this trail to get to the train.
Before we got on the train, I had to pose for the yarn graffiti.

I can't remember what we did when, but we went to two graveyards. One was the Granary Burial Ground where victims of the Boston Massacre are buried, along with John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the parents of Benjamin Franklin.

When we passed it after the gate was locked, we spied this crazy looking guy...

One night we went to see Jessica's friends play in a show at Radio. Don't you love how the letters are big Scrabble letters?

The band is called "Eski Esko" and they were really good. Since I've been out of touch with the whole current music scene, I was thinking I wouldn't enjoy it, but they were awesome. I had them sign the CD I purchased... you know they could become big stars some day.

Jessica wanted me to experience the originators of Boston Creme Pie and she wondered why she's never had my Boston Creme Pie... well, I don't know. This was good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it again. The presentation was beautiful, and I think that's why there was a hefty price to go along with it.

Jessica and I strolled along the area by the harbor and we saw these entertaining men... one ended up singing right to me... I was glad that he didn't drag me in as part of the entertainment like they did with some others. I thought they were extremely talented and funny.

Then we sat and watched the sailboats. It started to rain and we got under cover and you can see a rainbow popped out (behind the photo that Jessica is in). Everyone that was there took photos with the rainbow in the background.

We visited Harvard and now I can say, "I went to Harvard!" Here's Jessica and her boyfriend, Ingvar (who really did go to Harvard) standing in front of the library that we were hoping to go into, but it was closed.

And here's Jessica and me at the ceramic studio where Jessica graduated from a program she took there. The place used to be an old theatre. It was super cool.

Then there's the place where Jessica works, where we ate dinner on our last night visiting. The food was awesome and I'd recommend going there if you're in Boston.

On the side alley next to Central Kitchen is a graffiti wall that people are allowed to create -- after business hours.

Here's the little stinker, "Kitty" (Jessica's cat) that I had the privilege of sleeping with. She gives the sweetest kisses.

I'll post some more photos when I get the okay. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! What an action-packed summer you had. Amazing pictures, all of them!

  2. Lynn--Marvelous pictures. I think the one with the heavy chain in the foreground and the water/boats/sky in the background would make a great picture on notecards...Not that you need encouragement to make stationary or notecards. ;)

  3. I've been to Harvard! Yeah. I walked through, just like you. And I think I might have been to that cemetery.

    I know it was August...but did you get a chance to try the chowder?

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  5. Beautiful daughters, beautiful mama! I love Boston. :) I've been in the South for over 20 years, but I grew up in New England.

  6. I can't believe how much you did in such a short time. Those girls look so much like you! Thanks for posting the pictures.

  7. Oh, I love love love the pics! Thanks for taking us with you :)

    The pic of the big event is awesome!
    Love how your daughters look just like you :)
    The trip looks like so much fun. I really like visiting graveyards, so if you make it to Romania... there's quite a few worthy to see!
    And I also like the Scrabble letters for Radio's name.
    The harbor looks beautiful even though it was a cloudy/rainy day.
    An old theater turned into ceramic studio? I want to go to there!
    And Kitty is just cute!


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