Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cooking Lesson Two - Lasagna

During this lesson, we had Princess Flame (aka Logan) and her sister, Princess Dragonfly (aka Macy). Princess Frost was unable to make this lesson (sad face), but all three will be there for Lesson Three.
I got this recipe for lasagna from my younger sister Ruth, who got it from someone she knew who got it from her grandmother who is from Italy. So there. I think I have that right.

Again, we planned the time of when we wanted everything to be finished and worked our way through the day. Because I'm limited on the number of pots and pans I have, we decided we'd cook our lasagna noodles while we browned the ground beef and sausage.

This way, after the noodles were finished, we could start on the sauce. Yes, the sauce was made from scratch... no Ragu going on here. They used tomato paste, sauce, tomatoes, oregano, basil from the garden, bay leaves, salt, pepper and some sugar.

Then they simmered their sauce...

While that was cooking, they made some chocolate mug cakes.

Then they grated parmesan.

And mixed the ricotta with egg.
They layered the lasagna.
While baking they found time to work on the puzzle.
And their finished lasagna!

Cooking lesson three will be pot roast and scalloped potatoes... and perhaps some dessert too!


  1. Lynn--The lasagna looks delicious. What fun--and what memories! Those girls are so lucky. They're going to be adult women who know how to cook (and bake) because they learned from a master--you!

  2. Looks so good and I can smell the sauce! I make my own every once in a while just to hear the burb, burb of the pot and to smell the fragrance! You all are having a good time...nice to share in it here!

  3. Mmmm....looks fantastic! And what adorable kitchen elves you have. :)

  4. Oh, YUM! And those mug cakes are delightful!

  5. First of all, I could almost smell the lasagna...yum!! Second, the girls are absolutely adorable. Third, I love your kitchen. It looks so professional with all that stainless steel fanciness. I'm now suffering from kitchen envy.

    Critter Alley

  6. Yummy. Your girls will be cooking for you one day and thanking you for the lessons. You are sharing so many gifts with these girls.

  7. Wow! This is fantastic! And a dish everyone loves. We make big batches and freeze some. How nice to take the time to teach them. They will be so much farther ahead than other girls their age. How pretty they look too! Very nice! And speaking of nice....I got the NICEST surprise in the mail today! I am still smiling. What a perfect little raggedy doll! I'm still hugging him! Thank you SO much my friend. You are the best penpal ever! Sweet hugs to you too, Diane


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