Monday, March 13, 2017

47 Years Ago...

I'm not sure how many years ago I started this blog -  but it was in honor of my mother, who translated (another term for died - in my religion, we are Soul and we live on after we leave this physical body behind - translate to another place)... so she translated 47 years ago today... and I know she's been with me ever since (even before I found my religion with this belief, I knew she never really left me).

Let's see if my memory serves me, I think I started this blog on the 40th anniversary of her being gone.  I just looked... yes, seven years ago.

It's hard to believe it was that long ago... sure my physical self misses the physical being of my mother even after all these years. In six years, she'll have been gone as long as she was alive - she had just turned 53 when she translated. Just a few weeks ago, had she been alive in this physical body, it would've been her 100th birthday!  If she were alive, I would celebrate with... (who wants to guess?)

Come back tomorrow when I talk about pi - e.

To see my first post about my mom, go here.


  1. Lynn,
    You are such a caring and sweet soul, and it's inspiring how you find comfort from your mother's continuing presence. Thank you for the note you sent me the other day. It was very moving and just what I needed to hear.

  2. I remember the first time I read your blog, Lynnie. I thought the concept of writing letters to your mom was brilliant and wished I'd thought of it first.

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. Donna said it just perfectly. I love how you maintain that connection with your mother.

  4. I remember reading the first letters you posted on your blog. They're so sweet and gentle, and remind me of my own mom.



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