Monday, September 25, 2017

Upcoming Events

Wanted to let everyone know who may read this... uh, if anyone does since I'm not a consistent blogger these days... I am writing though, fyi..

October 6th

You can see my blog post from last year's Sculpture on Campus that Jessica created.

I had the privilege of working with Jessica one day for her new sculpture (she again was selected for Sculpture on Campus) and although I'm her mother, it's quite impressive.

I'm looking forward to the event.

October 14th

I'll be among other local authors for a book signing/book purchasing bonanza - and although this isn't MY book, my story is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Merry Christmas! Uh, not the most current edition of Chicken Soup's Christmas books, but it's all I got. I thought it'd be fun to just hang around with other authors--those who have inspired and encouraged me to give it a whirl to enter into Chicken Soup. If you haven't received or purchased a copy, stop on by as there are lots of authors at this event. LOCAL authors, with their own books or current Chicken Soup or other anthology books.

So the above two events are for those in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area. Specifically, Sculpture on Campus is in Edwardsville, Illinois and Indie Author Day is in St. Charles, Missouri.

Now if you are in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, you might want to check out the ECKANKAR Worldwide Seminar held the weekend of October 20-22 How to Become the Awakened Soul. Folks from all over the world gather with like-minded spiritual individuals. You'll see me there!

Check back in November... for more events.


  1. Lynn--I think I am free. I hope so. I'd love to see what Jessica has on display this year.

  2. Your daughter's work---what you've shown us---is outstanding. Wish I was closer to see her work in person and to chat with you and give you a hug!

  3. Congratulations to Jessica and you. What a creative team.
    I'll be at the library on the 14th. Hope to see you there.

  4. Your daughter is so talented. I know how proud you must be.

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th!


  5. You AND Jessica are winners in my book. Sorry I am late in my response.


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