Thursday, August 9, 2018

Day 168 - 179

Okay, so it had been so long since I posted, that I went by my latest info and realized I skipped Day 168-179, I was wondering why I was so caught up!  LOL.  Well, here is the info that should have gone before the last post...

Day 168 – One letter – I’m so grateful.

Day 169 – Zero letters – I’m still so grateful

Day 170 – Three letters! Jackpot! Triple grateful!
Day 171 – 1 letter, always grateful
Day 172 – 2 letters, again grateful
Day 173 – 2 letters, yes, grateful, grateful
Day 174 – 0 letters, and still thankful

Day 175 – 2 letters, most appreciated
Day 176 – 1 letter, I really am extremely grateful
Day 177 – 3 letters, many thanks again
Day 178 – Not able to go because I had a class.

Day 179 – Not able to go because I was on a rode trip with my two daughters…

But how do you like that spider?  Ugh, I’m glad he was dead when I found him.

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