Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Gentleman and Scholar

Dear Mom,

First of all, I’m back. I shall be writing weekly versus daily in order to get some other writing accomplished (hence why I had the wrist issues as a little warning sign).

I wanted to tell you about my son’s girlfriend, Allison—an artist (like my son). On her blog, The Reimold Effect, she painted a picture of Casey and it is absolutely amazing.

Mom, this is what your grandson would look like if cleaned himself up—not that he’s dirty—he just chooses to wear cut off pants, tshirts from long ago, a skull cap on his head and no shoes on his feet. If you saw him walking on the street, you’d think he was homeless. But it doesn’t take away the fact that he indeed is a gentleman and a scholar.

I know a few people who may not agree, but Mom I know you can see what I know in my heart—that my children have turned out to be some incredible, responsible, talented, loving young adults despite the turmoil I have put them through. I’m so blessed and so grateful.


  1. Hi Lynn - Glad you're back! I missed your insights.

    Allison is very talented, and your son is a handsome young man. I wish you had posted a pic of the skull-capped, cut-off clad individualist (something he surely must be) just for comparison. I bet he's still a cutie. :)

  2. Thanks Lisa - you can see a partial picture of him on his website at this link: http://www.threeleggedlegs.com/hello/
    Casey's the one on the left, with the hoodie.

  3. Lynn,
    So glad you're back! I love your line: despite the turmoil I put THEM through. What a wonderful mom. Gorgeous children too.
    Write on!

  4. Wow! Handsome young man and talented young lady. Sounds like an interesting combination!


  5. Hi Linda - I'm glad to be back too!
    Hi Pat - thank you and they are an interesting couple!

  6. I have been checking your blog regularly, hoping you would be able to give us at least some occasional glimpses of your thoughts to Mom. This "come back" letter is heart-warming and makes me, once again, realize how lucky I am to have such swell nieces and nephews in my life. Thanks, Lynn, for sharing them with the world.

  7. Thanks Suzanne and Victoria!

  8. Hey Lynn!! Welcome Back!! I've missed you and your wonderful, insightful writing!!

  9. Thanks Becky, that's sweet.


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