Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sentimental Box

Dear Mom,

Your grandkids will get a real kick out of what I found in my sentimental box—an Honorable Mention for Art—at Ferguson Jr. High where I attended my 9th year of school.

I wondered if it was a joke, but I’m sure it’s authentic. (It’s kind of janky but there were no computers back then and things were made by hand.) In that same box I have a calligraphy piece I did in Art Class (got an A-) and I’m guessing that’s what received the HM. Makes sense that I would get HM for something to do with the written word as my drawing skills are… not so good—unlike all three of your crazy artsy grandchildren, who have won (real) awards for their art.

Funny too, that of all the quotes to write in calligraphy, I’d pick that one. (Didn’t have a boyfriend at that time, and who knew I would end up not understanding much about love as I grew older.)

But it’s all good now sista! And viola~this is my 100th blog to you!

And if Dad were alive, today he’d be 99!

The Honorable Mention Award
The Calligraphy


  1. It's so cool that you saved these things. I threw out everything willy nilly, and often wish I hadn't!


  2. It is cool to come across things like this. Unexpected memories!


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