Saturday, August 18, 2012

Writers Mark the Date

Writers In The Park
The 3rd annual writers festival  
Saturday, August 25, 2012
10am - 2pm
at Kirkwood Park
Free and open to all writers!

Two years ago, in celebration of its 90th Anniversary St. Louis Writers Guild created a festival - Writers in the Park. A free mini-conference that is open to all writers. There will be multiple breakout sessions each hour for adults, plus books for sale and great food. It's a festival to celebrate writing. This year St. Louis Writers Guild has brought together many of this city's literary organizations as well as great authors to provide workshops covering a wide variety of topics for writers of every level. The day begins at 9:30am for announcements at Lions Amphitheater in Kirkwood Park and the program starting at 10:00am.

This year Writers in the Park has expanded to include writing workshops for kids in grades 4th - 8th. There will before four hours of workshops for kids, starting at 10am and ending at 2pm. Participants may show up at anytime during the festival.

There will be indoor facilities if it is raining or if temperatures remain in the triple digits, so the day will go on, regardless of the weather!

No pre-registration required.

A full schedule can be viewed at

Shawntelle Madison & Jeannie Lin
W.E. Muller & Kelly Cochran of Sisters in Crime
Bob Baker of St. Louis Publisher's Association
Margo L. Dill of Saturday Writers
Ben Moeller-Gaa of St. Louis Poetry Center
Niki Nymark, Gail Marshall, Liz Levy, and Lauren Wilding of Loosely Identified
T.W. Fendley, David Lucas, & Jennifer Stolzer of St. Louis Writers Guild

and for the kids,
Award-winning children's author Kate Klise
Middle grade author Jody Feldman
Faye Adams of Writers Society of Jefferson County

Sponsored by Missouri Writers' Guild and many contributors through


  1. There is so much for writers in your neck of the woods! You're lucky to have so much to draw from. We do have a few things here in Atlanta, but not as much as your area hosts.

  2. Lisa's right. We are lucky. And thank you for posting this great information! I am hoping it goes long enough that I can get my plans taken care of and then go later.

  3. Sounds fun, but I'll be out of town. :(

    Critter Alley


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