Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fruit Smoothie Anyone?

I’m trying to eat a little healthier. I’ve been making my own fruit smoothies with frozen bananas, frozen strawberries or any other kind of frozen fruit I have on hand. Anytime I have excess fruit that I can’t eat, I’ll put it in a freezer bag and freeze it and it makes really yummy fruit smoothies. I’ll add whatever fruit juice I have and a little bit of water and blend away.

My daughter Rita recently gave me some kale that I juiced. I then froze it in individual containers and I plop that in my smoothie.

The other day I asked my husband if he’d like a fruit smoothie. He said, “Sure!” I put bananas and strawberries into his with a little juice. I decided to skip the kale juice after he saw me eating kale chips and wanted to know if I got those out of the compost pile. He walked away that day and mumbled, “My wife eats yard waste.”

I added kale to my smoothie.

After I asked him how he liked his smoothie and he said it was good, I asked if he wanted to try mine. I thought if I didn’t tell him what was in it, he wouldn’t even notice and tell me how good it was and then I’d surprise him and tell him he had some yard waste!

He took a sip, jumped off the couch gagging. “Egads, what’d you put in that thing?” Only ‘Egads” wasn’t really what he said.

“I added kale to mine.”

“That’s awful.”

“Oh no, it’s not. It’s good. You can hardly taste the kale.”

He was in the bathroom coughing and gagging. I sat on the couch rolling my eyes because really, you could hardly taste any difference. Then again, I might be used to green stuff in my drinks. He gags when he sees me stir Superfood in my juice. I guess it could be an acquired taste.

He sat back down on the couch. He shivered watching me sip on my smoothie. I said to him, “Really, it’s just like yours, only mine has a little kale added.”

He scrunched his face and said, “That’s like saying your chocolate malt is the same as mine, only yours has a little turd added.”

We both laughed until tears ran down our cheeks.


  1. Lynn, my hubby doesn't appreciate my "green" drinks either. For the past month or so I've been drinking a blended concoction of spinach, banana, peanut butter, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, plain Greek yogurt, blueberries, and a bit of ground flaxseed for breakfast. I think it's very tasty indeed. I'm looking forward to my next cholesterol test to see if this is having any impact. That would be scientific proof of it's goodness, right?

    Critter Alley

  2. I am laughing outloud....just tooooo funny....I needed this laugh!!!! Thanks!

  3. That's hilarious! But I'm afraid I have to take your husband's side on this one.

  4. Lynn--I like spinach in mine, but have not tried kale pureed up into the smoothie yet...

  5. Help! I am laughing out loud and I too have tears rolling down my face. You two are funny!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a post! I really needed a lol this morning! But you know, Lynn, I'm never gonna feel the same about chocolate malts again ;)

  7. Haha! I love kale chips, but I'm with your hubby regarding adding that stuff to a fruit smoothie. I'll give you points for creativity, though! And isn't it such a glorious gift to share that sort of laughter with your best friend? :)

  8. That makes three of us (laughing till the tears rolled down our cheeks). Great descriptions!

  9. Hahaha. My hubby makes his smoothies with lots of fruit and almond milk then he adds flax seed. He makes one for me before the adds the flax seed.

  10. LMBO!!!! This is so funny. Love you. I'm going to write you a letter soon.

    Kathy M.


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