Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Turtles and Cardinals and Deer, Oh My!

I love where I live. It’s a bit of a haven for the few remaining wildlife.

Hubby, coming home from his work, spotted this on our driveway. He picked him up and brought him in so I could see him. We then let him loose in the backyard to mingle with the other creatures. Isn’t he a beaut?

We have a big picture window on either side of the area in the one part of the house—they mirror one another, so I imagine if you’re a bird, you’d think you could fly on through. BOINK. We’ll hear this loud thud on the glass. Sometimes we’ll look and the poor fella will be knocked out silly—still alive. We do what we can to restore them to health. I usually sing HU and that does the trick. The are stunned to the point of letting us help. Just like this sweetie…

I’m always excited to see new borns. And this little fawn frolicks with its mother every day. Some people I hear get aggravated that deer eat their garden, and I get it. I’d rather admire the deer than admire my hosta. That is evident when you see my garden.

One day I spotted the little fawn by herself. No momma. She planted her tiny body on the rocks near the pond—foliage hid her, but since I watched her go there, I kept my eye on her waiting for her to get up. I had things to do and left. Later, I observed she was still there. I had hoped nothing happened to momma as deer are always getting hit by cars around here. Then I decided momma was training her little one. “Go and hide and I’ll find you.” or “See if you can make it on your own today, but don’t go too far.” Now how could you want to see a pretty hosta over this lovely creature?

Another day, I was in my car going down the drive and I saw something waddling down the driveway. It was hurrying as it heard my vehicle. I finally figured it was a wild turkey, but by the time I got out my phone to snap a picture, he was well hidden in the woods.

 Wonder what I’ll see next? I’m always easily entertained.


  1. Are you and Norm the "Deer Whisperer" and the "Bird Whisperer"? That picture of the cardinal is incredible. (And the turtle's legs are beautiful. Those spots are striking.)

  2. We don't get as many wild creatures as you do, but I imagine we're in a more urban area. We've seen deer, though not so often anymore. We had a hawk in the ivy the other day...beautiful. And box turtles somehow manage to get past our fence. I watch for them and move them outside the fence, because my yellow Lab mix likes to carry them around the yard and toss them about. He thinks they're toys. Other than that, just a lot of chipmunks and squirrels, and birds at the feeder, of course. And snakes, up from the creek. Ugh. Not a fan. Your little fawn is so precious...did mama ever come find her?

  3. Be forewarned in case you startle a turkey into flight. They sound like a helicopter taking off! They don't fly far. Just enough to roost in a tree.

  4. You get the best wildlife in your yard! I once caught a glimpse of something that looked like a beaver or a marmot or something. Meant to ask you what on earth it could be. And that cardinal is amazing, though its eyes still look a bit wonky to me. Hope the HU helped!

  5. How sweet to have all that nature in your backyard. I remember moving from a condo to our home and feeling thrilled with the birds and wildlife in our yard. They say you should put a sticker on the window. Don't know if it works.


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