Friday, March 25, 2016

Sioux's Book Blurb Friday #7

It’s Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday #7. To learn more about Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday, check out Sioux’s blog. You basically write 150 word book blurb based on the picture:


My 94 word blurb:

A pair of shoes. That’s it—all that remained of Timothy Bleu. Some speculated he was taken in an alien spaceship. Some said he had to be abducted by the serial killer that only left the shoes of the victim. A few felt Timothy planted his shoes there on purpose to let the town know he wasn’t just an ordinary boy. Most of the townspeople didn’t want to believe Timothy really had invisible powers and that he was skilled at body projection. Read along and find clues to discover the disappearance of Timothy Bleu.

DON’T FORGET – tell your friends, neighbors, family to check out my previous blog post about winning a book! Just comment and you’ll be in the drawing – to be announced on Easter!


  1. Lynn--If this becomes a movie, will Steven Spielberg direct it? ;) You took a simple pair of shoes and really ran with them. (ha!) Thanks for participating.

    (How's that book of yours? I want to be one of the first ones to buy a copy. In fact, when it's published, I want to buy TWO copies.)

    1. You're way too sweet. Critiquing it now and will have critique group give some feedback next time we meet!

  2. Lassie and I hope Timothy didn't fall down a well.

  3. H'mmm. Sounds like it could be a time travel story.

    So great to see you today at the book signing!

    Critter Alley

  4. Now I wonder what happened to him! I think it was aliens!


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