Monday, February 19, 2018

Day 50 -55

Day 50 – I hit the jackpot this day as I received five letters. My heart skipped a beat seeing all those beautiful letters inside that post office box.

Day 51 – Empty mail box

Day 52 – Another jackpot – five letters! Especially sweet since this was Valentine’s Day.

Day 53 – Zero letters

Day 54 and Day 55 – I missed going this day because I was at a quilters retreat… maybe more about that on another post.

But here is what I accomplished at the retreat – and just fyi, under each design is about six of each envelope. I sewed a total of 131! Just a mere 109 to go! 

And just look at that cute name tag that was made for all those at the retreat.


  1. Lynn--I am so glad you had fun. The retreat weekend was one I looked forward to every year. And wow--you got a lot done.

  2. I continue to be a letter writing slacker. *hangs head*

    That name tag is adorable, and so perfect for the event!

  3. Cute name tag and LOVE the little envelopes.


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