Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 41 - Day 44

Day 41 – Thursday, February 1 – No letters in the post office box

Day 42 – I missed going to the post office today because I was shopping with my sister for quilting stuff… yes, I am making a quilt and going on a quilting retreat. I’m so excited.

Day 43 – I received two letters from my two favorite daughters! You stinkers. One of the envelopes was #35.

Day 44 – A real surprise… a nice, long letter…  and as you can see in the photo, I'm on Book 2 of my P.O. Box journal. I'm documenting my journey of this wonderful gift.

Now I’d like to add that I recently joined a quilters guild. I haven’t met anyone yet as I haven’t been to any meetings. But one of the members requested guild members (if you wanted) to send a card to her mother who is turning 100 years old. That was right up my alley, as I wrote a letter too!

Wonder why I’m quilting? Because I just had to make this quilt – check out the blog where I discovered this quilt pattern: Letters From Home by Crimson Tate.

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