Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Day 31 thru Day 40 (rest of January)

The days have been busy, but I manage to get to the Post Office every day, however, I did miss one day as you will see…

Day 31 – P.O. Box was empty

Day 32 – No mail in box

Day 33 – Again no letters in post office box

Day 34 – One letter from a special friend

Day 35 – Believe it or not, I missed going this day. My son was helping me with something and by the time I finished, the post office was closed.

Day 36 – One letter from another special friend (aka my pen-pal)

Day 37 – Zero letters

Day 38 – Zippo letters

Day 39 – Empty mail box

Day 40 (last day in January) - One letter - and what a way to end the end of the month with my pen-pal letter!!!  

I'm slowly, but surely responding back to all those who have left an address and want to thank you all for your generous time in writing! I wonder what February will bring... stay tuned.

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  1. Lynn, I can imagine your anticipation as you drive there each day.


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