Friday, June 1, 2018

Day 130-141 (thru end of May)

A lot of zero letters in the box and that means everyone is as busy as I am. For a lot of people, the yard calls out, or just getting out in the warmer weather. But if you ask me, anything over 80 degrees and I’m toast. Yeah, I’m more of a winter person. What can I say? Thank goodness for air conditioning… which is why I’m able to keep up on letter writing! Enjoy your time whatever you do! This brings Day 141 to the end of May!

Day 130 – Zero letters

Day 131 – Zero letters

Day 132 – Zero letters

Day 133 – One letter

Day 134 – Zero letters

Here’s a new family member of my daughter’s - her name is Lemontine. Isn't she a cutie?

 Day 135 – One letter

 Day 136 – Two letters

Day 137 – One letter

Day 138 – One letter, and I’d just like to make note that I received three letters in a row by the SAME person!

Day 139 – Zero letters, but saw these two little stinkers as I was heading to the Post Office.

Day 140 – Zero letters

Day 141 – One letter

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