Saturday, June 23, 2018

Day 150-159

Day 150 – One letter and how do you like the picture of a card that was sent to me DONUT WORRY J

Day 151 – Zero letters

Day 152 – 1 letter - yippee

Day 153 – 3 letters - jackpot

Day 154 – Zero letters

Day 155 – Zero letters

Day 156 – 1 letter

Day 157 – Zero letters

Day 158 – Zero letters

Day 159 – 1 letter

Whether I get any letters or not, it’s always a fun trip to the Post Office.  And do you know they have some new stamps out now that are scratch and sniff?  How cool is that?  And they are cute too – ice cream bars! Perfect for the summer!  Makes you want to write a letter to use a stamp, doesn’t it?

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