Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hair – Wanted and Unwanted

Dear Mom,

I remember one time coming to visit you in the hospital and a mustache was growing above your lip. I couldn’t understand this. I get it now, growing hairs in unwanted places. Although in your case, I’m sure the medications didn’t help. I also didn’t understand why someone didn’t shave you. I wanted to crawl in bed with you and at the same time I was deathly afraid.

I’ve had my lip hairs removed through laser treatment. Why not? There are a few stragglers here and there, but it beats looking like Sam Elliot only with dark hair. There are some stragglers on my chin. I swear they grow overnight. One time I was driving and I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this black thing hanging off my chin. What? It was a hair. Thinking it was a loose hair, I tried brushing it off, but no, it was attached with a root and all. I tried pulling it. All that did was make the hair curl and then I looked like I had a pubic hair resting on my chin. I continued to pull until that sucker came out. For the life of me I can’t seem to grow hair on my eyebrows in the places that are sparse. Can’t grow hair where you want it and yet it blossoms where you don’t. But I got creative and now have a comb-over eyebrow. Who would’ve thought?

I think everyone has problems with hair—either wanted or unwanted.


  1. Oh my gosh...I laughed so hard at this post, literally out loud, that I woke up my dog! I totally relate. Thanks for the funny...I needed it.

  2. Lynn,
    I can't stop laughing. I left another message but it didn't show up. Look down at your big toes, one day you'll sprout wild hairs there too. Keep writing.

  3. Isn't it crazy how those wild, stray hairs are always thicker and stick out so they're even more prominent?


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