Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Dig Rocks

Dear Mom,

I told you about the DR Power Wagon and how it hauls all of my rocks. Did you know I am a huge fan of rocks? No matter where I visit, I want to pick up a rock and take it home with me.

A man I met at a senior citizen’s home who knew your sisters, (Aunt) Anna and Electa, had a little rock collection in his small apartment. He told me stories about how he collected rocks throughout his life. Whew, I thought I was bad—he put me to shame. I began to wonder whether I was a true rock collector. I am—in my own little way.

Mr. (Joe) Zykan told me a story about when he and his family were on vacation and he collected a huge pile of rocks that he loaded on top of the roof of his car. Before long, the roof started sagging and they had to pull over and remove them. But get this—he then shipped the rocks home! Now that’s a rock collector. If anyone knows my husband and his meticulous way with cars—could anyone imagine him letting me haul a bunch of rocks on the roof of a car!

Bringing home a huge rock would... ah, yeah rock. But I stick with ones small enough to fit in my hand. But unearthing a rock in my own back yard really thrills me. These rocks have items fossilized in them. One rock that was in the shape of a fish, had a sea shell where the eye belonged.

And then there's my other kind of fishy shaped looking rock.

Here’s a rock in the shape of a heart. I thought someone stole it until I realized it had cracked. I put it back together.

Some friends who poured our driveway brought us these rocks from their land.

And some more random—way cool—rocks, all from our yard.

I snagged a few rocks from my mother-in-law's yard after her death.

This rock serves as a place to sit when I'm tired. You can see the pink little rock on top of it (which is the same pink rock in the above picture) to give you a comparison in size.

There’s my small collection of various rocks from various places—one bearing the word HU.

I dig rocks!


  1. I didn't know you were so into rocks, Lynn --I am, too! We'll have to compare rocks sometime!

  2. I'm not as much of a fan as you are, but I do have a habit of picking up rocks from special places as mementos. I always figure some day after I'm gone my kids will be going through my stuff and really scratch their heads. "Any idea why she kept all these rocks?" LOL My fave is a red rock from Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. I picked it up there with my hubby soon after we met. Seems crazy, but it matters.

  3. Lynn
    This post struck home. I also love rocks but don't know why. I have some from everywhere I have visited. I have a big bowl of rocks on my workspace downstairs. They help me be creative.

  4. Hi, Lynn. I accidentally landed on one of your images and wanted to include it on my tumblr blog, if it's ok (naturally I'll include your link).

    I especially enjoyed the rock which was plucked from your M-I-L's yard after her passing.

    I snag rocks I am fond of, as well. I travel a lot, though. Airline personnel + taxi drivers have been heard to say '...whatdaya have ROCKS in here'...?! (and I usually do.

    I really enjoyed viewing your blog!

    thanks, tuesday

  5. Hi Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's fine if you include and link my images. Can I also have your tumblr blog link? Would love to check out your rocks!


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