Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Love, Love - Part 2

Dear Mom,

Valentine’s Day was yesterday—it’s my favorite holiday because it’s about love. What’s not to love about love? I love ‘love’ quotes. I love unconditional love.

My daughter Rita’s half birthday is on Valentine’s Day. She celebrates at every turn. She’s pretty much a bundle of love. As are all my children, each in a different way. I love them all unconditionally. Truly. Don’t get me wrong, they can annoy me. They can bring out the worst in me. They have their flaws (as we all do), but I love them regardless. If they are the future, there is hope. They have heart.

Mom, they’d do you proud but then I’m a bit biased. Yet I’ve had countless people come up to me when they find out I’m their mother and have said, “You have the best daughter(s)/son.” They rattle on about how much they love—and they say LOVE—my daughter/son. I can tell they are sincere. These strangers (to me) do not have to say anything. I’ll sometimes chime in while they’re going on and say, “Yeah, they’re good.” Almost feeling like I don’t know them the way these strangers do because they look at me like, “That’s it? That’s all you have to say about your own children?”

Well Mom, I swore I was never going to be like one mother I knew who never shut up about her sweet little darlings. To the point where you wanted to run. And you prayed you’d never see her again. I decided I was never going to do that. Perhaps I’m doing it now, but this is to you—their grandma—if I can’t brag to my own mother about her grandchildren, then who do I brag to? Okay, so that’s enough… about my lovely darlings.

An upcoming event this weekend that I’m involved in is the Missouri Eckankar Regional Seminar (Feb 18-20 at the Marriott Hotel by the airport). I was in charge of getting together the creative arts portion of the seminar. Whew. We have an awesome group performing and I'm so excited. What I love about this spiritual path is the love. Learning divine love.

What’s not to love about love?

PS You know your husband loves you when he sends you a Pajama Gram and it’s a “Hoody-Footy”. If you come to my house unannounced, you'll probably see me sporting the all in one pink fuzzy bundle of warmth. I look like a giant bunny rabbit. But I'll definitely feel the love.


  1. I vote you post a picture of the Hoody-Footy! Sweet thoughts. Sweet post. And P.S. I know lots of those parents who love to tell you how brilliant, gifted, and talented their children are. But somehow it's never bragging to be proud that your children are good human beings. And congratulations on doing a great job.

  2. Great post, as usual. Can you feel the love? :) I don't doubt your kids are terrific with you as their role model.

    I'm with Tammy. I want to see a picture of you in the Hoody-Footy!

  3. Aw Lynn, here you've gone and done it again, made me grin. Hoody-footy is a picture in itself.

  4. Sweet post that captures all types of love.

    And good luck with the seminar. Sounds like it's going to be fun!



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