Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Love, Love

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you - thank you for reading my blog, for supporting my writing and for all the love.

I wanted to share this short little video that I had received some time ago and I was going to try and find it, but then guess what - I received it again today! Coincidence? I doubt it.

Hope you all will be inspired by the love...

(I hope I plugged this in correctly - if it doesn't pop up, maybe copy and paste the site.)

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  1. Thanks, Lynn. I've not seen that before, but I believe it is true. Years ago when my son (now 28) was in elementary school I walked him to the bus stop in the morning. Another mom watched her son from her doorway. For some reason, she never liked me and I couldn't figure it out. I tried to be friendly, but she always snubbed me. Anyway, I started smiling and waving to her every morning. For the first week or two she didn't wave back or even acknowledge me. Then - tada! - she started waving and returning my smile. I never understood what I might have done to deserve her initial cold shoulder, but whatever it was finally fell in the face of a simple smile and wave. Whenever I saw her after that, in the yard or at the grocery store, she always smiled and waved hello.


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