Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is Age Anyway?

Dear Mom,

On February 26th it will be your birthday. You would have been 94, passing on 15 days after your 53rd birthday. On my last birthday I turned 53. Fifteen days after that would make it January 28th—reaching the point of being older than you when you died.

Seems kind of morbid talking about it like that, but I would think that anyone who has lost their mother at a young age feels that way. Will I live as long as my mom? My older sister and brother have been in the clear for a while now. Little sister Ruthie still has some time to go—not much. I guess the next age we shoot for is passing Dad’s age of death. He was 89—four months shy of his 90th. What does it all mean? Who knows. Just random thinking.

If you were alive, I’d give you a foot massage and a pedicure. Chances are I’d be doing that for you anyway. I did it for Dad. He had some thick toenails. One time I struggled so much trying to cut them that the big clippers slipped and I cut too close and made him bleed. I felt so bad. He didn’t trust me after that. “Lynn, not too close!” and I can’t blame him.

If I recall, your toenails were thicker. I’d probably need a hacksaw to trim them. I think my children have already made it clear that they are not going to be giving me a pedicure. Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut when I finished doing Dad’s toes. Then I might have a chance of getting a pedicure in my old age.

I remember when I was little, I didn’t really think of you as old, but I did think that my best friend’s mom was especially young—and she was! Now that I’m the age that you died, I think how young! But I really suppose it’s all in our attitude and how we feel.

But life is what it is… and whatever you are doing these days, Happy Birthday!


  1. I'll give you pedicures when you get old, Lynn!

  2. Ahh, Lynn, you sure know how to make a reader sentimental.

  3. Pedicures...that's why God created nail salons.

    They're great as long as you don't mind wondering what's causing the technicians to giggle as they converse in rapid-fire Vietnamese.


  4. There's nothing like a parent's death to make us feel our own mortality--especially a mother. Prayers to your mother on her birthday.

  5. Hey Lynn - My Mama's birthday was on the 12th. She would be 78 had she lived (she died at 67). My dad also died at 67. *sigh* Yes, I'll spend a paranoid year when I reach that age.

    Toenails! My 87-year-old father-in-law visits the podiatrist every month for clipping. He won't trust any of us. :)

  6. Dang Vicki Is trying to show me up.. Don't worry mum I will take you to get your pedicure! Does that count?! :)

  7. Oh Lynn, I just love your blog. And don't worry if there is anyway possible you and I will be going to get pedicures together even if we have to take the bus! (just like the olden days :).

  8. Lynn, I especially love reading these letters to your mom because I'm missing mine so much these days. The one-year anniversary of her death was this month. Thanks for sharing such beautiful reflections.


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