Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #7

It’s Book Blurb Friday #7. Check out Lisa’s blog for BBF directions. Using the photo, write a book blurb jacket under 150 words. This photo was taken by yours truly, which actually made writing this blurb harder for me. Go figure.

Here it is in 113 words (my lengthiest word count!):

Silence at Slide Rock

Park Ranger Obermoeller walked the hills of Slide Rock State Park for 35 years, never tiring the beauty of the once historic apple farm. Critters scurried about, birds sang all year round and Obermoeller took pleasure listening to it all. Never had the park been void of sound. That is until June 13, 2002 when even the rushing sound of water that made its way down the smooth red rocks—what the park was popular for—flowed without sound. What caused this mysterious phenomenon? Had it affected the entire world or just Slide Rock State Park? Read what Ranger Obermoeller discovered as she made her way down the eerily silent flow of water.

Note: My photograph was included in St. Louis Writers Guild’s photo of the month (July 2009) and you can read my little blurb that goes with the photo, if you want. Or check out the website of Slide Rock State Park located in Sedona, AZ.


  1. That is very evocative. Serene and creepy all at once :O)

  2. Silent water sounds most intriguing. I hope there's no evil afoot.

  3. Definitely something phenomenal, and I'd be interested to hear your explanation! Loved your photos too, especially of the sun in clouds - ithey'd/i make good book covers too!

  4. Lynn, this is incredible. I love it. Very mysterious, and I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the park ranger going suddenly deaf!

    Hey, I know that you are busy, but when you get a chance, I posted my first version of my blurb and wonder what you think about it.

    Love your picture, it is so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

    Kathy M.

  5. You certainly packed a lot in a very few words. Nice job.

  6. I love this blurb Lynn, it's such a different idea. I'm stuck at the thought of my protagonist hating to camp!

    I love your park and picnic photos, makes me want to be there!

  7. No sound? This is great! I love reading what everyone else comes up with!

  8. The idea of the water running silently. What a great idea.

    And this picture was taken in Sedona? I know someone who went to a week-long workshop in Sedona, and her favorite phrase became, "The sky is pink, time to drink." (She enjoyed drinking wine and watching the sun set...)

  9. I was wondering where the photo was taken ... and Arizona was one of my guesses. It must be fun to see all the different takes on your photo.

  10. Lynn,
    Great premise for a mystery novel...silent running stream which really should be quite noisy! Brings to mind a lot of creepy things going bump in the night. Science fiction perhaps??


  11. Oh my. Obermoeller keeps getting herself into fixes. Fortunately, she's brave and smart. :) Your blurb is intriguing. I can't decide if it's sci-fi or mystery or both. Great job of making me think about it and wonder, because that means I'll buy it.


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