Monday, April 4, 2011

Bunny Love

Dear Mom,

I did something the other day that I normally do not do. I bought something (not needed) for myself. I just couldn't help it. I went into this store looking for postcards. I walked around and spotted this cute little bunny. I picked him up and that was it... I knew I was going to buy him. I thought, oh he'll be sweet for one of the grandkids. After debating which grandkid, I knew that was an excuse—he was for me. But geez I didn't need a bunny. And yet, I couldn't put him down. I tried.

I stood at the counter waiting for the mother and her two kids to check out. The woman turned, a dreamy look in her eye. "Oh, that bunny. I saw him. Isn't he the cutest?" She knew what I was feeling.

I shook my head yes and squeezed it. I wondered if I was turning into a loony old lady. "I just can't put him down."

Paying the outlandish price for this silly bunny didn't faze me. My husband always jokes I'm so tight with money I squeak. And I squeak loudest with myself.

When I got home, I put bunny on the bed with the other two fellas (that husband bought for me) and I waited for Norm to notice. Surprisingly it didn't take him long.

"Where'd this come from?" Norm pointed to the bunny.

"Isn't he the cutest? I bought him for myself. I just couldn't help it. I don't know what's the matter with me."

"What'd that cost?" Norm secretly likes to hear my tales of bargains.

"I'm not telling." I felt shameful having spent good money on a stuffed animal. But one touch and I was doomed. I get over the shame once bunny is in my arms. Clearly the lady at the counter only looked at the bunny.

So, Mom did you ever do that? I think I got my squeakiness from you and I can't picture you buying anything (just for the heck of it) for yourself.

I wonder what I should name him, any suggestions?


  1. you know, we all need a bit of self-indulgence sometimes. And cuddles too :) Cuddly pie?

  2. remind yourself that even though you squeak, you deserve a little treat once in a while. He's adorable, and he looks crazy soft. Sometimes when something jumps out at you like that it is meant to be yours.

  3. I agree with Lisa. This relationship was meant to be! (And I like the name she suggested, too!)


  4. I agree with Lisa. Perhaps even "Squeakers" or "Sir Squeaks."

  5. Thanks gals! Love all your suggestions.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Oh, what a sweet baby you've found, Lynn. Yes, I totally understand. Where would he have ended up if not in your home, on your bed?

    (I spent $45 on that yellow quilt on my table, and I didn't have the money to spend on it, but where would it have gone? Some ladies long ago had spent so much time on it.)

    You are sweet and sentimental, and I love it. BTW, I really love your pic for next week's BBF too!

    God bless,
    Kathy M.

  7. P.S. - I think that you should name him Carl.
    P.S.S. - I don't read anybody elses until AFTER I post my own BBF. That way I don't get scared off. Lisa is a pro, so I know that mine won't even measure up with hers. Yours are great, Lynn! I look forward each week to see what O. is up to next. Heart 3.

  8. I was glad to hear someone else does this! I was going to suggest "Bunsen" (as in Bunsen Burner, because you clearly burned with love for him), but I like the other suggestions too! And P.S.--I can see why he was irresistible, and I didn't even hold him.


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