Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Flower of the Week - Ms. Daisy

Dear Mom,

This is for you and all my friends, family, fellow bloggers and blogger followers—daisies from my garden.

Flower arranger I am not, but they’re still pretty darn cute. Ole Smeagol had to get in the picture.

After some of the daisies wilted, I rearranged and here they are again.

Here's some shots in their natural environment in my backyard.

Any daisy stories comes to mind? When you were a kid, did you pluck the petals one by one saying, “he loves, he loves me not,” to be surprised at the end with disappointment or joy? Do they remind you of summer rain? Or grandma’s house?


  1. I love daisies and tulips best of all.

    Buttercups and dandelions remind me of grandma's house.

  2. "June" I hope the daisies cheered you up with all the sorrow you've gone through of late.

  3. I did. And if I got close to the end, and saw that the answer was not going to end up like I wanted, I would "cheat" and pull two petals at once to make it come up favorably...

  4. That's funny Sioux. I think I kept doing trying flower after flower until I got the answer I wanted! Kind of the same thing, huh?

  5. I don't know which is more uplifting, the daisies or the kitty peaking out. Or the fact that I wasn't the only "loves me/loves me not" cheater!

  6. Hi Lynn! Thanks for the flowers! How sweet of you to share them with all of us. I really don't have any daisy memories because no one in my family grew them. I do remember tulips, lilac bushes (I know that's a bush...but so pretty and lovely smelling!)..and roses. AND I, too...cheated on the "he loves" game...but I don't remember what flower I used!

  7. I love, love, daisies. They were in my wedding bouquet and in all my flower arrangements. To me they are such happy flowers!


  8. Daisies are my sister's favorite flower, and when we first moved to Georgia I took pictures of every daisy field I came across until I realized how prolific they are! They are such happy flowers. I love them in a vase; they brighten any room.

    Smeagol continues to impress. He's a gorgeous cat. But I'm sure he knows that already. :)

  9. Tammy, Becky, Pat and Lisa - thanks for your nice comments. Daisies are pretty happy kind of flowers aren't they? And 'lil Smeag is rather cute too, although in the picture he looks like he's a bit upset!

  10. Well, I guess you know Lynn that daisys are my favorite flower - :)) I love that you wrote to your Mom about the vase of daisys. The pictures of the field of daisys is great too.


  11. Great photos of the flowers and your cat Smeag.

    Daisies have a special meaning to me; in my wedding bouquet I carried white daisies because they were all we could afford.


  12. Hi Jean - makes sense now "Ms. Daisy" - duh, and thanks to you and Donna for the nice compliments.


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