Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flower of the Week – Blue Something Or Another

Dear Mom,

When I first started planting flowers and plants in the backyard, I tagged them all with these cute little metal tags similar to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, only mine weren’t quite as fancy as theirs. I also drew my own little maps of where each flower and plant resided, like a blueprint of the backyard only mine were pretty cheesy since I can’t draw. That worked well for the first few years and then I became overwhelmed. It still didn’t help me with remembering the names of the plants and flowers, although I can rattle off a few. Very few.

This Blue Something is one of those I can’t remember and my tags have long since faded or are totally gone. Now I just enjoy the flowers and forget who resides where, if they make it, what plant replaced it. I no longer dig out the drawings and add to or take away.

Here’s the Blue Something in the yard.

And another shot in the vase, but outside.

Oh, and the vase came from Jessica when she was over in Thailand for school some years ago. This vase may have come from Vietnam.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    What a lovely letter to your mom.
    The blue something flowers are beautful, and so is the vase.

  2. Blue flowers stir something in my soul. Beautiful. Love the vase, too.

  3. I'm hopeless with remembering plant names. Hopwfully, someone will know. Lovely letter to your mum.

  4. Love the vase AND the flowers. You've just reminded me to go water my petunias. *sigh* They're in window boxes on my porch and the heat is killing them. It doesn't help that I water sporadically. I need to be independently wealthy so I can hire a gardener.


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